Thursday, April 14, 2011

2011 Thailand Open - Short takes lead

Nigel Short has become the clear leader of the 2011 Thai Chess Open in Pattaya beating Myanmar GM Zaw Win Lay. Zaw got into trouble after weakening his white squares. The English grandmaster showed superior understanding and pocketed the point easily.

Spain's Paco Vallejo, was held to a draw by Abhijit Kunte, the highest rated of the 21-strong Indian contingent in Pattaya.  Vallejo had the edge in the opening after the Indian GM played a less known line in the Sicilian. The move 7...h6 cannot be good as white was always ready to take on f6 anyway.

White then went wrong with 12. Ng3 retreating his knight but perhaps missed the very strong 12. Qg4. There is a long sequence which white has to see in order to play this move. The white knight captures the rook on a8 winning the exchange and all attempts to trap the knight does not work.

After 12.Ng3 black had no problems to reach a drawish game and Vallejo had to settle for a draw. This means Short leads with half a point with only three more rounds to go.


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