Friday, October 30, 2009

Mas - Mok, Game 1 - Mokdern Triumphs Again

"Crouching Tiger" Mok takes the first game much to everyone's (I think) surprise. I never would have expected him to win with the Modern. Mok deviated quite early with the surprise 6...e6. Mas was probably not well familiar with the ensuring positions and did not seem to understand the situation. Allowing the black knight to come into c4 was a mistake. White got into a defensive formation and ended with a simple tactic which lost a pawn and the game.

Still, Mas managed to survive the middlegame with material deficit, but really the result could not be changed.

So Mok leads 1-0 and after a short rest, they have to face each other again. This time Mas will have the black pieces. We can expect a Sicilian with early Bb5 from Mok. And why not? His openings,though they don't look like much, have stood the test so far.

Come back in another half hour or so for game two.


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