Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Carlsen on Norwegian tv

I just read Chessbase report on Magnus Carlsen's appearance on a local Norwegian television program. It is really good, the interviewer has some witty lines but it's Carlsen's replies that really impresses me. This boy, who everyone reckons will be a future world champion, is so modest. I wish I had a son like this lol.

Some quotes:

Interviewer: When did you realize you were just super good at chess?

Carlsen: I don’t think I’ve ever used those exact words to describe myself.

And here they are talking about dress code during a game. Notice how tactful this boy is at the end:

Carlsen: Certain players – such as Topalov… He has worn colorful shirts deliberately. But in most tournaments, there’s some kind of a dress code.

Interviewer: How about way too much of a foul aftershave?

Carlsen: I haven’t experienced that.

Interviewer: You haven’t been around players who reeked?

Carlsen: Well, yes. But not like that.

Interviewer: Who was it?

Carlsen: I don’t wish to reveal that information.

Full Chessbase report here


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