Friday, October 9, 2009

Carlsen wins Pearl Spring

As expected, Carlsen has won the Pearl Spring Tournament in Nanjing, China. Nothing unusual but he did it with, wait for this....two and half point over the rest of the field.What an amazing performance!

In the last round, he was already leading with two points. Playing Jakovenko, this phenomenal player went on to win instead of settling for a tame draw. To me, the most remarkable thing is how easily he did it. True, Jakovenko blundered a pawn on the 25th move in a fairly simple position. Carlsen continued to play very accurately to complete the route in 38 moves. The loss pushed Jakovenko to shared last place.

This was a 3002 rating performance for the Norwegian and likely to see him break through the 2800 rating barrier on the next list. Everyone else suffered due to the losses to him.

Tournament crosstable


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