Friday, October 16, 2009

Fischer's Photos

Chessbase just published some previously unknown photos taken of Fischer in 1967 when he visited the Philippines at the invitation of the former Philippine President, Ferdinand Marcos. It really felt surreal looking at these pictures, a youthful clean shaven and good looking Bobby Fischer in his prime, ready to take on the world.

At the same time I felt sad at what he finally turned into. Compare these with the pictures of him in the years before his death with a full beard and drooping shoulders and tired looking eyes. I wondor what else he could have achieved if he had not made the choices he made. These choices finally lead him to a remote part of the world, where he ended his days. His final resting place outside a church in Selfoss, Iceland.

We should consider carefully the choices we make today, for tomorrow we do not know where it will lead us.

The photos were made into a video clip. You can view the full video clip here


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