Friday, November 22, 2013

World Championship: It's all but over

There is a often quoted saying - "it is not over until the fat lady sings".  Well, yesterday she was just getting ready to get on stage.

Game 9 was the most exciting of the games played in this championship thus far. Anand as white, played a variation of the Nimzo-Indian which led to a very sharp position. At one stage Anand had advanced his e,f and g-pawns to the fifth rank and looked set to launch a scary attack. Magnus banked on his far advanced passed b-pawn to distract the champion from his king-side.

Amazingly, Magnus Carlsen found a number of "only" moves to avoid being mated on the black squares. Anand allowed the black b-pawn to queen as he had little choice but to pursue his attack to the end. Unfortunately, once again, he blundered and had to resign immediately.

With this third win,  Carlsen needs only to draw one of the last three games to become World Champion. There is little doubt even to the most ardent Anand fan, that Carlsen will be the new World Champion


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