Friday, November 8, 2013

Chennai: Anand vs Carlsen

The World Championship match between champion Anand and his challenger, Carlsen is to begin tomorrow in Chennai, India

Today was the opening ceremony , photos here.

Anand revealed his seconds ( Krishnan Sasikiran, Sandipan Chanda, Peter Leko (Hungary), and Radoslaw Wojtaszek (Poland) . There is no rule that says the contestants have to do so and Carlsen preferred not to. It is well known that amongst his seconds are Russian Ian Neponiatchi and Frenchman Laurent Fressinet. Rumors that Vladimir Kramnik is also working for Carlsen seems a bit more far fetched.

Carlsen has flown in his entire family (parents and three sisters) to be with him as well as a bodyguard and chef for this important match. He can afford it; he received 100,000 Euros just to come to Chennai. This is a clause drawn up by FIDE; if the match is held in one of the participant's home country then his opponent is entitled to receive this "compensation". Presumably this is to offset the advantage of playing in one's own country but I do not agree this is any form of advantage. If anything, Anand is under more pressure in India. He is under scrutiny by every Indian media and chess fans expects him to retain the crown. That is a very high expectation to live up to.

The games starts at 3:00 PM in Chennai which works out to 5:30 PM Malaysian time. Good news for our local chess fans.

Who will win the match? Everyone I asked favored Carlsen. That's my pick too even though I am a big fan of Anand, it is time for the older generation to give way to the new.

Watch the match live here.

You can download an app to follow the games on your Android device.


abdooss said...

Even Kasparov said Carlsen would win!

My head says Carlsen, but my heart says Anand!

Anonymous said...

We don't care who you would like to win !

hairulov chessmaniacs said...

I care who abdoos pick to win

Anonymous said...

Just choose one! Or you might as well mentioned the whole bunch of Gms

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