Saturday, November 16, 2013

Carlsen scores again

In the current Anand - Carlsen world championship match, Carlsen has scored the full point in th 6th game.

Anand in a stable position with both sides having a queen and one rook, just blundered away a pawn with the move 38. Qg3. The resulting pawn down rook ending should be drawable. Anand sacrificed a second pawn to try to reach a balanced position but another mistake 57. Rg8+ allowed Carlsen to set up a winning position (60...h3) with a far advanced f-pawn.

Anand resigned on the 67th move when it was clear that Carlsen's f-pawn would queen. Carlsen now leads 4-2 at the half-way mark. There are just six more games left and personally I feel it will be impossible for Anand to win two games to level the match.


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