Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Its Anand vs Carlsen!

Yes, Anand will play a match for the world title against the highest rated player in the world, Magnus Carlsen. Carlsen won the Candidates by a hair, tieing for first with Kramnik and winning on tie-breaks. The tie-breaker was most number of wins which Carlsen had five against Kramnik's four.

Both players were tied with 8.5 points at the beginning of the final round. Carlsen went down to Svidler but Kramnik lost to Ivancuk. It was really nerve wrecking watching these two games. Ivancuk caused a controversy when he lost five games on time. Online spectators started saying that he should never have been in the tournament and was a disgrace. He proved everyone wrong, deciding the challenger with a win over Kramnik in the last round. He also beat Carlsen in the 12th round, causing Carlsen to lose the lead to Kramnik.

The tail-ender was Radjabov, definitely a big set-back for him as he was expected to be the dark horse over Kramnik, Carlsen and Aronian should they stumble. Radjabov had a 2793 rating before the tournament and would have been hoping to break into the 2800 club. He will have to wait a while because he bled a massive 32 ELO points in this tournament.

Final Standings -


Anonymous said...

Hello Jimmy,

Thanks for the update. However I noticed two inaccuracies in the reporting.

1. Kramnik had 4 wins and not 2 as mentioned.
2. Ivanchuk defeated Kramnik in the last round and not himself :)

Must be a slip of the keys (on the keyboard).

Btw, do we know when the Anand vs. Carlsen match is scheduled for?


Jimmy Liew said...

Alvin, thanks for the corrections.

Anand will play Carlsen later this year, venue and date not fixed yet.

John Wong said...

Singapore? will be nice

Jimmy Liew said...

Yea, Singapore will put up the money for the match :)

Anonymous said...

Funny to show a crosstable with tie-breaks where Kramnik is first, and then he is not. Why show wrong end standings?

Anonymous said...

Mark Siew!!!

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