Monday, April 1, 2013

RIP: C S Chia

This morning I read of the passing of Singaporean Chia Chee Seng. Tribute in Wei Ming's blog.

Chee Seng was an old friend from back in the 80's. We used to play in the same tournaments and sometimes shared a room.

One day I asked him , "How do you keep so calm during your games?". He answered that he had a heart problem and could not get overly excited.

He played almost exclusively the English Opening. During a tournament in Bangkok in 1981, he showed me a tattered notebook of English Openings filled with notes and games. He greatly admired GM Ulf Andersson who also played the English Opening exclusively. Two years later we played the following game in Jakarta, probably the last time we met over the board.


Peter Long said...

He was a good guy. Handoko, Greg Horth, and now Chia. We are now dropping like flies...

Anonymous said...

Don't worry Peter, I think you will live for a long time.

Anonymous said...

Unknown Bobby is gone.
Not so senior Tay is safe.
Only the French Spassky remains to fulfill the rat catcher role.

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