Saturday, April 20, 2013

13th Bangkok Open

The tournament enters its eight round today. After seven rounds there are three leaders with six points, Danish GM Hansen Sune Berg, Australian GM Zhao Zong-Yuan and German GM Schebler Gerhard who is a long time resident in Thailand.

There is a video of one of the rounds and you can view the tournament hall here.

GM Nigel Short lost early in round three to IM Roy Saptarshi. A short interview with Saptarshi on his win can be seen here. Saptarshi was lucky against Australian GM Zhao Zong-Yuan. The former was quite lost but somehow the Australian GM messed up.

Saptarshi is still undefeated with 5.5 points and heading for a GM norm. He plays Indonesian GM Megaranto in round eight.

The best Malaysian is IM Mas with 5 points followed by Yeoh Li Tian with 4.5 points.


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