Thursday, October 25, 2012

IM Mok is new Malaysian number 1!

In the latest FIDE rating list published in October 2012, IM Mok Tze Meng has taken over the top from IM Mas Hafizulhelmi. Mok has 2373 while Mas has dropped to 2355. Thus IM Mok takes over the Malaysian number one tag from Mas who has hogged this spot for a number of years.

The Istanbul Chess Olympiad provided many points for our players. Mok collected 19 points while Yee Weng increased his rating by 13 points to 2300. The biggest gain was by Lim Zhuo Ren (61 points) catapulting him into the top ten. Nicholas Chan is not on the active list as he has not played any rated events in the past year. Wong Zi Jing is still the highest rated  at 2410 but he has not played any rated events for a number of years already.

The top  thirty FIDE rated players are shown below.


Anonymous said...

Is this the same "M" mentioned by Raymond Siew, saying that he was soundly trashed in the SEA Games selection? RS must be wondering how he got it so wrong.

Seriously, Raymond Siew, please don't repeat what you say a hundred times. Even if you say Mok is not good, who would believe you, because he is the new Malaysian No.1 in FIDE's books. May not be to you, but you are irrelevant in FIDE's eyes.

Jimmy Liew said...

RS never believes he is wrong, everyone else is wrong not him.

He even spams FIDE officials with his email links to his posting. Thankfully they just ignore him.

firestonemaster said...


Anonymous said...

firestonemaster oweys like to laugh hehehehe

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