Monday, October 1, 2012

Insofar September Winners

Insofar September was held yesterday , Sunday 30th September, and won by Zaidan Zulkipli. Sumant tied with 5.5 points but came second on tie-break. Full results below.

I was planning to take part but a bit of flu kept me from waking up!.

Congratulations to the winners. IM Mok was on hand to give away the prizes.

Champion, Zaidan Zukifli

A proud father giving away the U-15 prize to his own daughter!
Best U-15, Mok Shu Zing
2nd placing, Sumant Subramaniam

Second on tie-break, Sumant Subramaniam. In Facebook, he said he wants to be known as Sumanth now :)

At first I thought this is Ng Jen Sheng. But I guess it is Ian Teh who won the Best Unrated. 
Apologies, confirmed by IM Mok that this is Amex Moo who was 2nd in the Best Primary. Well done!


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