Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Stories from beyond the board - A bidet by any other name

As I said before, I have been around a long time. And when you have been this long in the game, you have many experiences and stories. I hope to capture some of these stories here over time.

This story was told to me by one who was present at the time of the crime. The person who told me this story swears it is true. No name was mentioned and quite rightly too as the story is quite gross. I still have the urge to cringe when I imagine the ending.

This happened at one of the olympiads, I am not going to mention which one to prevent speculation :)

Opening Scene
Malaysian team checks into hotel. One of the team members has a call of nature and steps into the toilet in his hotel room. To his surprise he found two toilet bowls. One of the toilet bowl had a tap attached to it. As he contemplated the position, his keen chess mind suggested to use the one with the tap - much easier to clean up the rear later.

After he made his move (so to speak) he found the drain hole much too small to flush his pieces (so to speak). Upon realizing his blunder he resigned (though I can think of another move to cover the blunder - also very gross).

Scene Two

Hotel chambermaid enters room for daily cleaning.

Scene Three

Hotel chambermaid runs out of room screaming.

Which candidate would you choose?


Ilham said...

Gross! :)

abdooss said...

Hahaha .. a learning experience for 1 malaysian.. lol..

Jimmy Liew said...

nice pun :)

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