Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Le - Kramnik , Dortmund 2010 (Updated)

Le Quang Liem has Kramnik on the ropes right now in the 5th round of the Dortmund super tournament. The diagrammed position occurs after Kramnik played 24. ...a4. Kramnik expects to exchange into a drawn position after 25. bxa4 bxa4 26. Qxa4 Bxd6.

Perhaps he overlooked Le's reply 27. Rb3!

Surprisingly the black queen has no good squares. Kramnik was forced to sacrifice his queen for rook and bishop.

27...Qxb3 28. Qxb3 Bxe5

With pawns on one side, black hopes for the best. This position is not necessarily drawn as white still has another rook. Besides Kramnik is down to thirty minutes whereas Le still has over an hour.

I'm quite satisfied Le has good winning chances. Time to go to bed, tomorrow is another day :)

22-JULY-2010 Update - The game is drawn after another ten moves. Le is in sole second place, half point behind Ponomariov


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