Saturday, January 30, 2010

My heart breaks for Wesley

At the 2010 Corus tournament, Wesley was playing with tournament leader Giri yesterday night. Giri has seven points to Wesley's six and half, making this a crucial game for Wesley. A win will allow him to overtake Giri.

Wesley had outwitted Giri tactically and Giri had to sac some pieces for an imaginary attack.

The following position was reached after Black's 34...Nf2-d1. Giri had less than a minute while Wesley had around twenty. Black's attack is a mirage and his last move a desperate one.

35. Qc1 !?

35. Rxd1 Rf1+ 36. Kxf1 Qxe3 37. Ne2 and Wesley is up two bishops , a knight and a rook (!) for his queen.


Now white can still win with 36. Qxd1 Rf2 37. Qf1 Rxf1+ 38. Rxf1 and black has no chance to take on c3 because of the back rank mate.

But with nineteen minutes on his clock, Wesley plays the obvious fork

36. Ne2 ???? Rf1+

and White resigned as he gets mated after 37. Kxf1 Qf2 mate

Don't you just hate the game? It is days like this makes you want to commit suicide.


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