Thursday, January 14, 2010

Chess decline is due to poor tournament venues?

According to one of our top juniors, he is convinced that chess has been on the decline in Malaysia because the venue for tournaments are not good enough. For example, he claims the National Juniors tournament was held in a science lab in a school. What next, under a tree?

Even a state assembly have been held under a tree before, why not a chess tournament? But jokes aside, while I think Sumant is a very talented junior, his comments are juvenile to say the least.

There is a serious lack of funding for chess in this country and organizers have to make the best of what money they have to hold their tournaments. Raising money for chess is no easy matter, we cannot expect anything from Malaysian government. Private sponsors and companies want to see the value of contributing to chess. So far, there is little value for them


GiLoCatur said...

Mr Jimmy, if chess fraternity even just get about 5% of the 10mil for football, it will means a lot to chess. But the big Question is how to convince the relevant party that chess deserves that?

Jimmy Liew said...

Getting funding from govt is very difficult since chess is not included in Olympics or even SEA Games. If chess could get a medal from olympics there will be money forthcoming. In my opinion, it is easier to get funding from private companies.

stonemasterfadli said...

haha. why nak tekel govt funding?do u know that at least two YAYASAN ??. berminat nak fund chess. total lebih kurang RM40K.cuma "they" as organiser xpandai cari taja.yayasan lagi banyak duit because gov or NGO salurkan duit kepada mereka n mereka lagi banyak duit n senang dapat kalau pandai cara minta.

ahli politik n komuniti juga ada dana duit. 5 figure. but ramai org "kuat catur" jee xpandai cari duit sponsor.mungkin salah org yg dipilih untuk buat kerja2 cari sponsor sampai org macam Dato Tan or mr siraj jee yg kita tahu n kenal boleh taja or cari duit. hehe

John Wong said...

Hi Jimmy

I guess the issue here is not about generating more and more tournaments but rather consolidating resources of every willing chess organiser to pool towards a large scale tournament in their vicinity. In this way you get numbers big enough to warrant some press coverage, which in turn will generate interest from sponsors.

I have always wondered why the Singapore Malaysia match cannot be done via Internet? Instead of travelling to and fro. Make it a media attention event such that even top CEOs or Ministers can play. If we cannot bring them to chess, then perhaps we should consider bringing chess to them??

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