Tuesday, January 12, 2010

1st National Women Masters

Following on the success of the 1st Malaysian Masters, the Malaysian Chess Federation is organising the women's edition. There are some slight differences. The total participants have been increased to sixteen who will be qualified from the National Womens Championships and National Junior Women Championships from 2009 as well as the highest rated players on the FIDE Rating list followed by the National Rating List.

Whereas the men's event were played over several months, this event will be crammed into four days starting 28th February with the Finals on 1st March 2010, though the Finals may be postponed to another date if both finalists agrees.

I am only disappointed at the prize fund offered. The total prize fund for men is ten thousand ringgit whereas the women's fund is two thousand ringgit. Look at it from another perspective. The men's champion took home four thousand ringgit which is double the total fund for the women's event.

Why this discrimination against the women? Granted, there are not as many women players compared with the men. But a prize fund which is just twenty percent of the men's prize fund is so insulting.


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