Thursday, July 30, 2009

SMS Gold draws with Gold IS

As expected, the match of the tournament was certainly a nail biting affair. All games were decisive. SMS Gold is certainly going to clinch the title after holding Gold IS to a 2-2 draw and maintaining their one point lead. Unless a miracle occurs which I do not see it happening :)

Yee Weng hung a piece in the opening and though he put up some resistance, just like Chess is Chess, a piece is a piece. I had a good opening and middlegame, though it did not look enough to win. But seeing that my team was going to be at least one point down, I decided I had to do something. This proved a mistake as I managed to make several mistakes and sealed it with a straight blunder to make it 2-0 to SMS Gold.

Abdullah and Udani played fantastically to win their games, thus salvaging some pride. Abdullah made an interesting positional pawn sac. The pressure proved too much for Wai Cheong. Ian's game was a nail biter. Both players were down to last 1-2 minutes for the last moves. Ian had queen and two rooks plus passed pawn on b6 against queen, rook and two knights. He defended well in the time trouble. The end is quite pretty, white giving up queen for rook and queening his b6 pawn while the black queen is trapped on the king-side. This game is worth going through, hopefully I can get the score sheet later.


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