Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Gold versus Gold

Tomorrow is the crucial matchup between the top seeds in the DATCC , Gold IS versus SMS Gold. On paper Gold Is is (?) has the edge with 3 IMs on the top boards. In practice it is a different story. Mas has not played any games since the first two rounds and was not available in the first match against SMS Gold.

SMS Gold has two solid top boards who are ready to play every round. Ooi Chern Ee is definitely IM level if he choose to try for the title. And 0f course they have the very very experienced and dependable second board in Mok.

SMS Gold has a one point lead and Gold Is will be aiming for a 3-1 win to overtake them. Both teams will be putting their best line-up tomorrow as it is certain that the winner of this match will win the championship. It will be interesting to see if SMS Gold can call on the services of Nicholas Chan, their hidden ace on the fourth (!) board. If so, it will definitely go down the wire.

My prediction is 2.5 - 1.5 in favor of my team, Gold IS.


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