Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Chess is Chess

My first blog post! What am I going to write? The blog title is Chess is Chess but I will be writing not just about chess but myself, my thoughts and everything and anything under the sun. But chess is chess and it will be mostly about chess.

I have been following Mas results in the current Zone 3.3 tournament in Ho Chi Minh city in Vietnam. After rounds he has 4.5 points, drawing with GM Torre of Philippines and beating GM Bui Vinh of host Vietnam. If he can keep the winning, he just might make a first GM norm. Unfortunately he drew a couple of games early, two of them against low rated players whom he should be expected to beat.

Games starts at 2:00 PM daily, but Round 8 results are not out yet at this time of writing.

See you here again!


Mohd Zambri said...

Good to see you blogging. Hope to see more from you...

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