Thursday, May 14, 2015

World Schools in Pattaya

Thanks to Peter Long for highlighting this interview.

Ng Jen Sheng is currently competing in Pattaya, Thailand in the World Schools. He had an excellent start of 4/4 but then lost three games in a row. As of the eighth round he has five points one point behind the leader , Wong Chi Jit from Singapore.

Malaysia is represented in the U11, U13 , U15 and U17. Malaysia has only one girl player, Rosamund Koo in the Girls U-17. The best player so far is Tan Jun Jing in the Open U-13 with 5.5 points after 8 rounds.


Peter Long said...
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Peter Long said...

I think the kids that played are really keen on chess but many could have done so much better with better preperation and on site technical support by their coaches. Once again the failure of MCF to facilitate

Anonymous said...

Peter, how many categories do you propose there should be in Youth/Junior Chess? Previously it was only U-12, U-16 and U-20 mostly for junior competitions it seems.

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