Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Dilwen wins First Saturday FM

Congratulations to Malaysian Dilwen Ding who has won the First Saturday FM-A in Hungary with a victory over his more higher rated opponents.

Seeded 8th out of 9 participants, Dilwen scored an undefeated 6.5 points from a possible eight to take the top position. A measure of this achievement is the fact that he gained 170 ELO points and will be close to 2000 on the next FIDE Rating List.

Another fact, the first Malaysian to win a First Saturday is IM Mas who obliterated the opposition to make his IM norm.


Anonymous said...

MCF!!! Please wake up!!!! still sleeping? National junior championship in Sabah really a shamefull event!!!! only participated by few ranked players!!!! are the winners recognized? Are the new NM & NWM qualified to represent Malaysia as per MCF selection guidelines& criteria s? MCF....pls do your job or else pls resign and let people like Peter Long and Jimmy liew take over MCF...they are the best person to bring chess to the next are no difference frm RS.....

Peter Long said...

Jimmy, Couple of years back if I remember correctly, Elgin Lee won a First Saturday event. Unless I am mistaken, Mas won the IM group which is a bigger achievement perhaps?

Anonymous, I gave up after three months when reluctantly agreeing after being asked by Dato' Sri Edmund Santhara in 2013 and he too quit a few months after, After fulfilling all obligations undertaken by 31 December 2013 I will never again be persuaded. As in my blog post attracting a record number of hits, I see no difference to those in and those who are aspiring and so all should quit for the sake of Malaysian chess.

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