Wednesday, March 19, 2014

A new National Champion

After five days of hard fought chess, the new National Champion for 2014 is Fong Yit San. This is the man I said to watch out for and not Mark Siew. Yit San has thus completed the the feat of being both National Junior and National Champion. From memory, not many has achieved this , only Lim Zhuo Ren comes to mind.

Things were not so clear in the final round. No less than six players still had a chance to claim the top prize.  On top board I was paired with Fong Yit San (7 points). On second table, Sumant faced Erowan Masrin. Sumant was a queen down for rook and bishop but in the complications even managed to win his game.

This left my game against Yit San to decide the champion. A draw for Yit San would mean a tie with Sumant with the latter getting the title on account of their individual encounter which Sumant won. A series of blunders late in the game cost me the half point and gave Yit San clear first. A sad day for me and Sumant whose tournament was going so well.

In the Women's tournament, Renitha took clear first a point and a half from her nearest rival. A big surprise was the failure of former champion WCM Fong Mi Yen who lost her first game to Melanie Koo and struggled thereafter to chase the leaders.


Anonymous said...

Congratz to you mr Jimmy, you showed the chess community that you are still a force to reckon with, hope you do well in coming KL Open!

Anonymous said...

He who now wants to be named says Liew lost on purpose to self fulfill his vision.

Mohd Noor said...

Congrats Jimmy! Although you didn't win, in my eyes you have already won, silencing your critics (whoever that may be)

Keep the spirit up Bro!

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