Tuesday, March 11, 2014

4th HD Banks in progress

From the previous post, some sharp eyes might have realized that one of the bigger names that is not playing in the National Closed is Yeoh Li Tian. The reason is he is now playing in the HDBank Cup in Vietnam. Three rounds have been played so far and  Li Tian has two wins and one loss. In the next round, Li Tian plays Indian IM Prasanna Raghuram Rao.

This event  is in its 4th edition. There are many strong GMs and IMs competing. Three players have scored 100% so far. They are Vietnamese IM Nguyen Doc Hoa and GM Le Quang Liem and GM Zhang Zhong from Singapore.

One name in the starting list caught my eye. Mark Siew. I wonder how he can be playing in Vietnam when I just saw his name in the participants list for the National Closed.  It became clear when in the first round he gave a walkover. That is, he never showed up but did not inform the organizers he was not going. The benefactor of this free point is someone called Bersamina Paulo. Who is Bersamina Paulo? I believe this is the training partner of Mark in the Philippines as claimed by his father, Raymond Siew.

Is this what Raymond likes to call  "a thrown game"? Its very convenient. Now, if I am Raymond Siew I would be screaming conspiracy. However I am not  Raymond Siew so I'll just say there was a misunderstanding somewhere and leave it at that.


Peter Long said...

If I remember correctly Paulo Bersamina became National Junior Champion when 14 years old. I had the opportunity to play him a few years later in some Philippine Open (my last minute desperate preparation to get some games before the Olympiad) when he behaved like some superstar, clearly acting up and believing he was going to be the next Wesley So.

So rather surprising to all I beat him rather easily and for that "achievement" received the congratulations of too many (almost all the players in the Open, NCFP officials, etc.) and so I suspect his parents may not have too many friends.

While there may be some similarities between parents, when comparing players Paulo is clearly 200-300 rating points stronger so the claim as you say of he being a training partner is not at all credible and I would have to say it is a coincidence that the pairing happened (although we know seeded players meet also rans in round one) and so he got a free point.

I am surprised however at the shoddiness of the organisers to allow pairing of a player that does not show and that was apparently also the case of a strong Vietnam IM who was also paired to give a walkover even if he never confirmed his entry.

Peter Long said...

More pertinently, let us all wish a genuine talent in Yeoh Li Tian (who is very much still the big hope of Malaysian chess) every success in HD Bank. I admire his father's brave (sensible?) decision to take Li Tian down a different path to try and become our first grandmaster.

By missing the National Closed, assuming MCF follows their own rules, it seems that Li Tian will not be at the Tromso Olympiad as part of our national team but the seeking out, then paying to compete in the strongest events possible is hard to argue with.

I am looking forward to Li Tian playing in a rather decent KL Open but have told his father that if he has a chance to play in the Asian Continental (this clashes with the Malaysian Masters so almost all our national players cannot play even if they would), he should then go for it even if he had to choose between KL and Sharjah for school and exam reasons.

Jimmy Liew said...

You should know not to take me too seriously

jyoti soni said...

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Anonymous said...

jimmy , you sure you did not throw the last game so as not to let Sumant win the title?

Jimmy Liew said...

Are you sure you want to know the truth?

Anonymous said...

By losing the game he misses out on a top 3 spot and i dont think jimmy has any grudges with sumant so i dont see any clear motives for throwing the game

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