Saturday, October 26, 2013

Tagaytay wins Asian Cities

Tagaytay City has won the Asian Cities in Tagaytay City, Philippines with a round to spare. They have collected fifteen match points after eight rounds. Shanghai is in second place with thirteen points which means that Tagaytay is already the champion with a round to go. Tagaytay success is because they are the only team that has a full line-up. They comprises four grandmasters, Barbosa Oliver , Mark Paragua, John Paul Gomez and Darwin Laylo.

Shah Alam is doing fairly well and lies in sixth position with nine match points. Unfortunately for them, they will meet Tagaytay in the last round and it is unlikely that they can collect any match points unless the Filipinos are feeling generous.

Final round pairings

In round seven, Yit San took down a Chinese IM rated 2415. The Chinese player made a horrible mistake with 21...g6 weakening his king-side irreparably. Yit San only had to make natural attacking moves to bring home the only point that the team scored. The Chinese resigned after 30. Rh3 as there is no defence to the threats of 31. Rxh5 or 31. Ne7


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