Saturday, October 26, 2013

Shah Alam finishes 8th

The Shah Alam team managed an eight place finish, one above their initial seeding of ninth. The team generally performed well with everyone scoring above 50 percent with the exception of Nabil.

In the last round, they narrowly lost against the eventual winner , Tagaytay City. Nicholas lost to GM Barbosa on first board but Li Tian managed to beat GM Paragua. This means that Li Tian should win the silver on second board. This performance could push Li Tian over 2300 in the next rating list.

Fong Yit San did very well to draw with GM Gomez though this could be a strategic draw to ensure a match win for the Tagaytay team. We have to wait to see the game score.

Nicholas playing on first board had possibilities of IM norm as he had to play a fair amount of titled players . His final score of 5/9 was very good as  he had to play four grandmasters and one international master. He needed 6.5 points for a IM norm but considering that he has not been very active in the past years it was a good result for him.

Last round pairing and results -


Anonymous said...

Li Tian and Aron Teh,the future of Malaysian Chess. Incidentally both of them beat GM Mark Paragua (one of the top players in Philippines and himself an ex-prodigy) within one month! It's like Li Tian's upping the ante on Aron. Reminds me of the rivalry of Nicholas vs Jonathan when they were their age. Still, chess quality wise, Li Tian and Aron are far, far away from GM title. At most, maybe IM title in 2-3 years time.

Anonymous said...

Sent them to China for more advance training

Anonymous said...

With a rating of 2302, does that make Li Tian an FM?

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