Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Kramnik takes World Cup

No surprise here, Kramnik drew the last game to secure the champion's title and prize of USD 96,000.00 (after FIDE taxes). However, I was surprised that Andreikin choose to play the English Opening in a must win game. Kramnik equalised easily and was already much better when Andreikin offered a draw. A few more moves and Kramnik probably would not accept anymore as Andreikin's position was falling apart.

In the post-game interview, Andreikin said he realized his openings were not ready for this (level) of tournament and his match strategy was always to draw the classical games and go for rapids/blitz. This worked well for him to allow him to advance until the Finals. Kramnik agreed that Andreikin "....should really work on his openings"!

There were many commentators who said that this format (short classical games of two and then tie-breaks of rapid/blitz) is ridiculous for qualification to the Candidates which chooses a Challenger to the World Champion. However, I must say that this is format is quite enjoyable for spectators like me who loves the tension of rapid and blitz tie-breaks.


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