Monday, September 2, 2013

2013 World Chess Cup Finals

The FIDE World Cup is currently in progress in Tromso, Norway  It started as early as August 10th with 128 players. The importance of this tournament is that the two players that reach the finals qualify for the 2014 Candidates to select the Challenger to the World Champion in the next cycle.

The Finals features former World Champion Vladimir Kramnik against Dimitry Andreikin. Both have qualified for the 2014 Candidates by reaching the World Cup Finals. They now decide who will take the lion's share of the prize fund, USD 120,000 for the winner and the loser still takes home a large pay check of USD 80,000.

Three classical games have been played with Kramnik winning one and the other two drawn. The fourth and last classical game will be played tonight (9:00 PM Malaysian time) and Andreikin has to win it to take the match into the tie-breaks. Even having the white pieces against a solid player like Kramnik, it will be a tough challenge. I predict the tonight's game will end with a draw and Kramnik takes the title of World Cup champion.


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