Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Player licencing abandoned

Just days after I posted about the FIDE player licencing, the FIDE Secretariat has issued a notice cancelling the licencing. The very terse notification follows:

"The  licensing  of  the  players has been cancelled. The new documents
about registration will be presented in due course

However, reading the last sentence bolded by me, it looks like this will not be the end of it but will be re-entered in a different form.


Anonymous said...

There is no such information on the FIDE website. Please correct me if I am in the wrong.
When there is important information, it is always on the FIDE website for everyone to read.

By the way, how can the licensing of players be cancelled, when it hasn't started yet, I am as usually confused.

Anonymous said...

Please tell me what is the problem with Malaysia producing one own grandmaster, or at least international masters with higher ratings. Then we can find the happy solution together.

Jimmy Liew said...

To answer Anonymous (above). This are my own opinions, others feel free to differ. It is not too difficult to reach IM standard, GM is much more difficult.

Firstly, the player's own commitment is not there. Second reason is no suitable talent so far. Only player I can see currently is Yeoh Li Tian.

Anonymous said...

How much average money and time do you need to spend/invest for one averagely talented young or old player with no international rating to become IM? Is there any study on this to be read?

Anonymous said...

How many Malaysians are registered international chess players representing other countries?

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