Sunday, February 5, 2012

How to Join the Chesseminar

Important note: It is advisable that you install Adobe Flash Player if you do not already have it in your computer. Otherwise you will need to install it when you join the chesseminar and since it takes a few minutes you will miss the start. Use this link to install Flash.

Joining the chesseminar
Send me an email (my email address on the Contact Me tab) with the subject "Join Chesseminar. You will receive an email from me. In the email body there is a "Click here to join the webinar", click on the link.

You will be prompted to enter your name, location and email. Fill in the fields and click "Join the meeting"

Flash is required to run the software. If you have not read the important note above and if your computer does not have Adobe Flash installed you will be prompted with the message "This content requires Adobe Flash Player. Would you like to install it now?". Click Yes to continue. Wait for the installation to complete.

You will be able to communicate to me and the other participants through text messaging. The screenshot below will be what you will see during the session. Take a moment to familiarise yourself with the features. There is a Chat window where you can type in your message.

Schedule and topic

The Chesseminar will begin on Saturday ,11th February 2011 at 9:30 PM. For the first session, I will commentate on one or two of my more interesting games. This will be followed up by a question and answer session. The whole session will last roughly one hour (depending on the Q&A).

If you wish to have a specific topic for the second session you can email me or suggest it during the next session.


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