Wednesday, January 4, 2012

What was he thinking?

At the Reggio Emilio tournament currently in progress, Ivancuk blundered horribly against the tail-ender Vitiugo in Round 7.

Vitiugo - Ivancuk

In the diagram, Ivancuk playing black pieces went 30...Nxc4?? 31. Nxc4 and now expecting to win back the knight with 31....b5. The white knight is pinned because if it moves then a black queen check on the g1-a7 diagonal wins the queen. Right? Nope. Too late he saw that 32. Ne3 blocks the diagonal and without the check he is just down a piece. He resigned.

Even the chess greats can have a bad day in the office. Note: this is Vitiugo's first win in the tournament.


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