Saturday, January 7, 2012

An amazing thing happened in 2012 Reggio Emilia

A most amazing final round result in the just concluded 2012 Reggio Emilia. Somehow Anish Giri caught up with the leaders, Morozevich and Nakamura. All three tied for 1-3 spot with fifteen points. And surprisingly in the last round, none of them were playing each other!

Morozevich had the easiest opponent, last placed Vitiugov, whereas Nakamura was playing the out-of-form Ivancuk.

Giri drew quickly against GM Fabiano and looked like out of the running for the first placing. But then the unexpected happened. Both Morozevich and Nakamura lost! Giri who throughout the tournament had been trailing the leaders takes sole first place! Fabiano ties with Nakamura and Morozevic for 2-4 placing! Amazing.

Final results (tie-breaker unknown to me so I just list 2-4 placing in random order, but probably Morozevich should be 2nd)

1. GM Anish Giri 16/10
2-4 GM Alexander Morozevich 15/10
2-4 GM Hiraku Nakamura 15/10
2-4 GM Fabiano Caruna 15/10
5. GM Ivancuk 12/10
6. GM Vitiugov 8/10


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