Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Wesley So training with Carlsen

There is a piece in The New Yorker featuring Magnus Carlsen written by D.T.Max who interviewed the chess genius.

One stunning revelation that came out was that Carlsen had offered Filipino Wesley So to go to Europe and train with him. I know Wesley is an up-and-coming player and certainly will be among the world elite one day. But for Carlsen to make such an offer means he must have a high opinion of Wesley too. I believe Carlsen choose Wesley precisely because while Wesley will be a rival one day, that day is not now. So it makes sense that way I suppose.

I'm quite sure Wesley would not turn down the offer. It's not everyday or even every lifetime that you get a chance to work with one of the world's best player. This collaboration will benefit Wesley tremendously and I hope his rise to the top will come sooner than later.


Anonymous said...

Carlsen was quite explicit in why he picked Wesley. He pointed out that Wesley's training was up to this point the complete opposite of Carlsen's. Entirely based off the computer utilization.

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