Wednesday, March 16, 2011

2011 National Closed

The 2011 National Closed starts today. As most of you know I will be joining in the fray this year. If memory serves, the last time I played was in 1988. That's twenty-three years ago! And I did not win as Mohd Kamal was in great form that year. He managed to draw with me and I lost to Eric Cheah and that was that.

Someone asked me why I wanted to play. I could not think of a diplomatic reply and countered with "Why not?".

Indeed, why does the senior players not continue to take part in our national championship? The answer is really simple. There is more to lose than gain. For them, winning the championship (again) does not do anything for their reputation. There is simply no incentive. MCF should really consider paying these players an appearance fee to encourage them to take part.


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