Sunday, November 29, 2009

So wins again

This time against American grandmaster Gata Kamsky. Kamsky is a top GM and was the previous cup winner as well. Fortunately for Kamsky he already qualified for the Candidates stage.

So has knocked out two super GMs namely Ivancuk and Kamsky, good news for the Philippines. However, if anyone starts thinking that Philippines is going to have their own super GM, I doubt it. Maybe in a few more years judging by the way that So won (he won the first game and drew the second in both matches). I did not see anything special that So did. I think So was just trying to draw the two games and take his chances in the rapid. His good fortune was that his opponents were trying too hard to win.

These matches are just too short but they are real entertaining to see such illustrious names being eliminated. It will be real interesting to see how far So can progress.


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