Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Chess Camp by Mok Tze Meng

A chess training camp is being organized by IM elect Mok Tze Meng. It is open to all children who are currently unrated or those rated under 1800. Courses will cover understanding in chess openings, creative thinking (the way how chess helps in studies too), positional understandings, planning and endgame concepts in Chess.

There will be two sections, Beginner to Intermediate and Intermediate to Expert. The first cover those who are unrated or those rated below 1000 while the latter are for those rated over 1000.

The Beginner to Intermediate is designed to attract the young to the game of chess. They will learn how to think logically and how to make good decision while in critical situations.

The Intermediate to Expert is to target those who want to break-through from their current level of play. Break-through involved many factors, only a good chess player cum trainer can uncover the students’ weaknesses, problems and rectify them.

The camp runs from 2-4 December 2009 at the Cempaka School in Cheras. Course fees are RM250 for Beginner to Intermediate and RM350 for Intermediate to Expert. Cempaka School students get a 10% discoutn. For full details, contact Mr Mok Tze Meng at 016-2233536 or email him at


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