Friday, August 14, 2009

Malaysian Masters 2009 - 3rd Quarter-Final

I noticed an unusual trend in the pairings for the Malaysian Masters. Look at the matches:

IM Mas v. Tariq Amru
IM Lim Yee Weng v. NM Edward Lee
FM Nicholas Chan v. NM Evan Capel
Mok Tze Meng v. Ooi Chern Ee

With the exception of Mok v. Ooi, the rest are youth against experience. I am not sure if the pairings are done by drawing of lots or ranking by ratings. It does seem to be the latter. This gives the youngsters the chance to prove themselves. However, I think they are in for a torrid time.

Tomorrow is the 3rd Quarter-Final match between FM Nicholas Chan against newly crowned National Champion, Evan Capel. One of the primary reason that gave birth to this inaugural Malaysian Masters is that the National Closed does not attract the strongest local players. Critics can argue that the tournament does not produce a true Malaysian National champion.

Nicholas himself a two-time previous champion faces the current national champion. Sounds like a interesting match, no? However I believe it will not even be close. Evan is no match for the experienced Nicholas.

I will not be present at the match but will provide commentary as I receive the moves from fellow bloggers, Hairulov or Gilachess


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