Saturday, August 15, 2009

Jaws strikes back - Summary of Game 1

Nicholas Chan is like a shark under water. He is always there even if you don't see him. And if you bat your eyelids for a sec, he's got his jaws in you. Nicholas "Jaws" Chan has just won the first game of the match against Evan Capel. Sorry, Evan, we only give names to those whom we consider the cream of Malaysian chess. So you know you have made it when you get your very own monicker. Keep trying and knock out "Jaws".

The first game started quietly, a Queen's Gambit Exchange variation. Jaws uncorked a bishop sacrifice out of the blue with 13. Bxh6. An unexpected lapse on move twenty (20. Rad1) allowed black to hit back with 20...dxe4. White played 21. Bc4 thinking he had the winning move (21.Bxe4 would retain the pawn with some advantage). Both black queen and bishop are under attack. But Jaws missed 21..Bc5+ clearing the second rank for the queen to block the subsequent check.

A further blunder 24 e6 lost the passer and black with his own passer on e4 was actually winning. Things took a dramatic change when Evan overlooked the pin on his queen and blundered a piece on his 31st move.

Nicholas takes the first game. Next game starts at 3:00 PM.


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