Saturday, December 17, 2016

Congratulations IM Yeoh Li Tian!

Yeoh Li Tian is currently playing in the 2016 Australasian Masters Tournament in Australia. He now has 7 points, the required number for his final IM norm. In the penultimate round, he drew with FM Dusan Stojic to tally six wins and two draws and not losing any game.

His close competitor GM Daryl Johansen lost to FM Liu Xiangyi and both have six points trailing Li Tian by one point. Johansen has to beat Li Tian in the final round tomorrow to have a mathematical chance of winning the tournament. Any other result will end with Li Tian winning his first international.

One wonders what is next in store. Will he continue with his winning streak to go for a GM title? Will the newly elected Malaysian Chess Federation officials extend some help be it financial or in other ways?


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