Thursday, July 23, 2015

Lessons on rigging the deck

First, read Peter Long's article today.

I can confirm that a part of Peter's accusations at MCF is true.

The MCF President and his men are trying to keep those affiliates who are known to be "unfriendly" away from the coming elections and according to Peter, one of the tactics will be to suspend these affiliates thereby preventing them from voting at the coming AGM.

I know at least one affiliate which is eager to pay up whatever is outstanding. The MCF President and Secretary thwarts this by just refusing to issue any invoice. Attempts to contact them are just ignored.

At the last election in 2013, the President and his entire committee were allowed to vote. This is unprecedented and unheard off. The normal practice is for all MCF council and committee to be discharged from their positions at the start of election process. They thus have no further roles to play in the proceedings unless they are also the official delegate for an affiliate.

The votes from the President's men helped to beat off his challenger at that AGM. The big mistake by the challenger and his supporters were to allow this illegal voting to happen. They should have just walked out even though it meant the incumbent would retain his presidency. That way they could have challenged the election process in court.

It is a fact that the majority of the committee will support the incumbent as they either owe their positions to him or stand to benefit from their positions and wants to continue in office. This explains why the recent appointments and  shuffling in positions. It is merely to beef up their vote bank. If you are appointed to your position by the President it is likely that you will want to see that same President in place for the next two years, so you will vote accordingly.


Peter Long said...

Everything I write about in a newspaper is 100 percent true and when based on information I have no direct access to it is also fact checked with many different sources. I even welcome legal action for what I more bluntly say in my blog but so far I have been denied the opportunity to force disclosure of facts that I might not even know about in court! The actions of this MCF smell of desperation... you have now educated everyone on what I understood well - the incumbent council is disbanded cannot vote in an election and that should be well established before by any challenger and the same action also applies to these pathetic attempt to prevent some state affiliates from voting.

Anonymous said...

Sadly while Peter Wrong may at times be bluntly right, his involvement with Ignatius at the Kasparov Chess Foundation (alleged to be involved in vote buying) means Peter has no moral platform from which to speak.

Case of pots, pans, kettles - all with black bottoms.

Show your bottom, Peter, then talk of others.

Mohd Fadli Zakaria said...

calon jee cm fadli jadi mcf presiden..hahaha

Anonymous said...

hello CM Fadli...belajar bahasa Inggeris dahulu sebelum nak bertanding reader or tadika kat umah i ade ajar bahasa inggeris untuk orang2 dewasa seperti CM Fadli...hahhahahaha

Mohd Fadli Zakaria said...

kedua2 calon yg gila kuasa nk tanding agm mcf sampai ke tua ..tidak akan berubah catur..di malaysia..kikiki

Mohd Fadli Zakaria said...

org ingat cakap bahasa mat salleh..itu org boleh jadi presiden mcf..hahaha..jadi dot dot dot dot..adalah..hahaha..bodoh bangang punya org2 yg giler kuasa

Mohd Fadli Zakaria said...

biasalaa ini semua "karektori assinational"..sebab nak kutuk sm xboleh cari dana,xlogik sebab sm boleh bawa rm1 juta ringgit untuk mcf bila jadi mcf presiden..haha..nak kata tak aktif, bodoh pula kalau dia cakap macam itu sebab sm yg paling aktif di malaysia..hahaha

Anonymous said...

I think CM Fadli has done a fantastic job in organizing various tournaments and activities for the benefit of the chess community namely through his Cerdik Catur Enterprise set up. He is definitely a worthwhile candidate to be nominated as the President. Looking forward to a change in MCF leadership soon !!

Mohd Fadli Zakaria said...

Sedang tunggu temu janji dengan beberapa tokoh ahli korporat untuk dibentangkan PORGRAM PEMBANGUNAN CATUR..yang melibatkan budget berjumlah RM2 juta selama 5 tahun..CM Fadli dikehendaki bentangkan kertas kerja program ini dihadapan dalam 3 atau 4 Tan Sri dan Dato yang sedang pegang beberapa jawatan penting dalam syarikat berhad ..kalau LULUS budget ini, CM Fadli akan pengiat catur pertama di Malaysia yang akan terima DANA bernilai RM2 juta ini atau kurang..kalau kena potong budget ni..hehehe..jangan jeles..adakah ANDA rasa Presiden MCF sekarang dan pencabar dia boleh buat macam ini..nasihat CM Fadli kepada mereka yang pegang jawatan presiden dalam persatuan catur negeri atau persekutuan catur kebangsaan, jaga kebajikan komuniti catur yang mereka diamanahkan jaga dahulu..jangan berangan nak pegang jawatan tinggi kalau tanggungjawab remeh temeh pun tak mampu buat..bukan jenis suka kenakan cukai melampau-lampau seperti cukai national rating, cukai fide rating rapis,cukai blitz, program catur makin berkurangan dibawah persatuan catur negeri dan kebangsaan..kes duit salahguna sudah melampau2 berani buat secara terbuka, mereka sudah kehilangan ETIKA/INTEGRETI tanggungjawab bila pegang jawatan dalam persatuan catur..malas atau tiada masa atau memang bodoh tak tahu macam mana nak gerak aktiviti catur dan TIDAK PANDAI cari DANA untuk aktiviti catur..

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