Monday, January 12, 2015

Wesley So press conference

This is Wesley So's Press conference after round two at the 2015 Tata Steel tournament. Wesley had just drawn against World Champion Magnus Carlsen.

In the conference, Wesley talks about his game with Magnus, changing federations to the U.S.C.F. and why he decided to stop his studies and go full time in chess.


Anonymous said...

He is taking a calculated risk of going full time into chess. You really can't do both seriously especially if you want to reach the really top in chess or challenge for the world title. But it is different in US. You can still go back to school if you think you need that degree. Gata Kamsky was such an example and so was Kenneth Rogoff. But in Malaysia, it is not as forgiving.

Andrew Ooi said...

Not my case. My degree was so late I only got it at age 30.

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