Sunday, August 25, 2013

2nd Battle Chess SelangorKU

I was invited by Fadli aka "Stonemaster" to the 2nd edition of Battle Chess SelangorKU. The previous tournament I attended, the 3rd MBPJ Open was very well run so I gladly accepted.

The tournament was so well attended, over 400 participants for the various sections. The open section itself attracted 149 players, no doubt due to the attractive RM1000 first prize. Just to name a few of the many strong players who came - Ronnie Lim, Lim Zhuo Ren, Sumant Subramaniam, Wong Jianwen, Evan Capel, Shakir, the Fong siblings Yit San, Yit Ho and Mi Yen, Nabila, Nabil and Najiha. Philippines  was also well represented with Nelson Villanueva , Diano Eden, Bagamasbad Efren who recently finished third in the Malaysian Chess Festival Seniors, and Ian Udani.

The bad news was that the air-conditioning in the hall was next to zero. After the first round we had to vacate the hall into the corridor outside. There was no air-conditioning there either. To make things worse, it seemed that this was one of the hottest day I could remember for a long time. The next bad news was that a hundred tables had gone missing. 

The organizer had to start the first round for the Open and Under-18. After completion, the first round for the Under-12 started. By 12:20 PM, the second round for the Open was still not announced. I decided that I could not take another six rounds of suffering and left.

To be fair, I think Fadli is the most hard working chess organizer. A lot of effort into looking for sponsors is why he is able to offer excellent prizes and therefore attract many participants.  One time he told me that our Malaysian IMs were not sufficiently appreciated and not enough done for them. Therefore as his personal contribution, he always gives me free entry to his tournaments. Fadli is the only chess organizer who personally invites me to his tournaments. I would play in his future tournaments again.


Anonymous said...

hi, i was there sending my kids for U10 and U12 tourney. Agreed as Fadli had always succesfully run good tourneys.. but this event should be well anticipated. the place is not only not airconditioned, it was not safe for junior chess tourney because of the run-down of the building. It was an abandoned library with lots of dust, dirty and furnitures and some unused construction woods. Again this should be well anticipated before proceeding with such junior event's particpation. Only 1 exit point in case of fire. Lucky there is no injury recorded. Of all we knowm the organizer can be sued if there is mishap.

To add to it, the communication was bad, many including my son missed the game. No speakers, no PA system, I am not sure if electricity is available.

The prize ceremony was initially announced t be at the Dataran.. we went there and nothing happen till we decided to go back to the old library. and the organizer was announcing the winners right in front of the ladders and it was at 745PM.

I suggest issues of safety and condusiveness to be given attention for any junior chess competition to be hosted by Stonemaster in future.

Mohd Fadli Zakaria said...

ok,terima kasih atas cadangan dan pandangan. Masalah teknikal ini adalah di luar jangkaan dan kawalan pihak kami. Walaubagaimanapun ini memberi satu pengalaman berharga dan kami akan berusaha untuk memperbaiki kelemahan di masa depan. Kami sangat hargai sokongan dan kerjasama anda untuk sama2 hidupkan sukan catur di Malaysia.

Anonymous said...

Noted En Fazli, Technical issues can be planned and anticipated. Act of God is 'di luar kawalan'. Hope this paint a lesson for better future event. Thanks.

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