Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Upcoming Events

There are quite a few tournaments coming up in the weeks ahead. This coming Sunday will see an Amateur event for unrated and rated under 1600 players. Organized by Chess Connections, more info can be obtained here.

This will be followed by two tournaments in the following week-end. The creatively named Revoc Genius Open Challenge on Saturday, 25th May. Entry forms here.

The next day sees the Insofar series of tournaments on the 26th May. A new concept is a lucky draw of RM500. For more info go here. Also on the same day but this time in Ipoh, Perak is the Datuk Bandar Ipoh Chess Open. Registration form at Firey Rook's blog here.

The 2013 National Chess Championship will run from 27th May to 2nd June in Terengganu with a first prize of RM1000 plus trophy. The corresponding women's event will be held along side and there is one positive improvement I applaud. The women's event have the same prize structure as the Open i.e first prize is also RM1000. Good move from the Terengganu Chess Association. Get more info from Biro Catur Wanita blog here.

The annual Lim Chong Memorial continues with its third edition on 16th June 2013. The venue is the usual DAT Chess Connections at Wilayah Kompleks.

I was informed that there is a two day rapid in Langkawi, Kedah. However, there are no full details but it will be on the same week-end as the Lim Chong tournament.

A new event, the Ketoyong Classic will be held on the week-end of 22-23rd June. More info can be obtained from
Abd Hamid Majid (019 3158098 –, En Najib Wahab: 0163382542 – Email: or  Fadli Zakaria : Tel: 014 2312370

Finally the event we have all been waiting for. The Malaysian Chess Festival returns after a test run last year using rapid format. This year goes back to its original format using standard time controls. Many will be excited at this seeing that this event has allowed many players to obtain their title norms. Local players who achieved IM norms in this tournament includes IM Mok Tze Meng (final norm) , IM Lim Yee Weng (final norm) and Ronnie Lim (first norm). So keep your diary open as the organizers have indicated dates from 9th-19th August 2013. More details here.


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good to see you posting , have many weeks I try read new posting but not available because I am one of your site fan

Jimmy Liew said...

Thank you for your kind comment. I have been busy preparing for coming tournaments and other personal matters

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