Friday, December 17, 2010

John Wong's blog

I just added John's Chess Food for Thought to my blog list. I do not know why I missed adding it for so long. Maybe John is not so good at self-promotion unlike some other bloggers I know.

John is a chess coach across the Causeway (that's Singapore for those less acquainted with the region). He blogs from the point of view of a trainer and writes some interesting posts. His latest post is on his satisfaction seeing how his students have improved after training with him.


John Wong said...

Thanks Jimmy for your endorsement.

I have been avoiding blowing my own trumpet but at the same time, as a trainer it is important to commend hard-working and gifted students who are improving. It works better than giving trophies.

My later posts mainly serve to inform those who are unaware of the vast resources we have in the form of books and video material available for self-study (which is the main goal of my lessons, to work towards player independance).

Back in the 70's, we never had any access to information apart from the few Informants and books printed in the Philippines. Some of us had to hand-copy pages of books before the era of the xerox machine. It is this zest for knowledge that builds our passion for chess, which enables us to continue playing when many have given up.

As a contributor to Singapore Chess Digest, you have always had a balanced perspective and your articles were personable and instructive. I will try to retrieve them and post them on my blog when I find the time to do so.

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