Friday, August 6, 2010

Tough choices

Today's The Star newspaper column by Quah Seng Sun  titled Tough Choices  makes interesting reading as International Master Wong Zi Jing gives his honest thoughts on Yeoh Li Tian.

I remember how one night, Chin Seng (Li Tian's father) and me discussed this very question ( amongst others)  in my living room till late into the night. A very difficult question for a father indeed.


Yeoh said...

Hi dear Jimmy
1. yes, that was 2009 June
2. TQVM for your valuable time on that night, i remember u even skipped your dinner which u have ta-pao just to share your view with me.
3. Your experiences, opinion & advices which you shared on the subject are touching & important.
4. Hope u may share it with other chess friends in Malaysia.
rgds, seng

John Wong said...

As it is with any artistic endeavour, be it a musician, a painter,sculptor or performer, one needs to look beyond making ends meet.If that is an issue, I would agree with Zi Jing that being "one of us" is not exactly a bad thing.

For one, I am much inclined to believe that the greatest satisfaction one can get out of chess is the rigorous training, focus, discipline and steeled determination to pursue one's goals that makes it a worthwhile hobby. Character building that stands one in good stead. Which game or sport can one learn so many lifeskills from?

Malaysia is so much richer for the doctors, scientists and technicians that came out of playing chess. Sure, we may not be at the right place to dream big in the chess world, however, one should strive to do as best one can while at it before coming back down to earth. Going down the one-way path to GMship may be fraught with uncertainties which no one can understand, let alone emphatise. It is best to seek such a dream outside of this region, where more support is given. Till the day comes where we have the ingredients of engineering a chess fever as great as the Great English Chess Explosion in the early 80s, its best in my opinion to continue tilling the ground, providing opportunities for later talent to fruit.

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